200 Canines, Saved From China’s Dog Meat Trade, Were Flown In By This Animal Rescue Group To Their New Homes In The United States

Last March, over 200 dogs made a symbolic flight when they landed in New York to begin a newer, happier, and safer chapter in their lives. The initiative was made possible by an organization hoping to raise funds that they will need to rescue 60 more of these canines.

China Rescue Dogs, a group dedicated to saving canines from neglect, abuse, and meat trade in China, aims to help them find loving homes in North America. They are in the process of helping another batch of rescued animals so they can start a new life from a sordid past.

The group shouldered the cost for three cargo planes that flew in 145 newly rescued canines last March at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City. They were also instrumental in a dozen other rescue missions. Upon their arrival, they met up with plenty of animal-loving volunteers who helped them settle so they could find their permanent homes in the United States.

President and founder of China Rescue Dogs Jill Stewart said in a statement said that these beautiful babies are now on a new beginning after coming from what was once the end of their lives. All of them had been quarantined, microchipped, and received all the required vaccinations to help them jump-start a new, safe and happy life with their permanent families.

The organization is looking into adding another 60 dogs to their list, who are all on standby as they get ready for their long-awaited trip to the United States. All they need now is an aircraft, and China Rescue Dogs is already raising funds to make this possible. The flight costs roughly around $30,000 to transport the dogs in the country.

Stewart added that funding is crucial, and they have never declined any dog, whether mixed or banned, disabled or senior. The organization wishes to rescue all of them; however, they are banking on the public’s support to achieve that end. After all, the donations geared toward China Rescue Dogs are critical in getting these animals back in the United States, which helps them cover their transportation costs before they run into the arms of their future families.

Stewart shared that they have adopters from the east to the west coast waiting for their new fur babies to arrive. And she said that while delivering them to their new homes is worth the effort; the initiative is still quite expensive.

If you definitely want to learn more about China Rescue Dogs, how you can be of assistance in terms of funding—or how you can adopt a rescued canine—you can always visit their website.

Source: China Rescue Dogs



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