A Disabled Rescue Dog Named “Happiest Dog on the Planet” 


Scooty, the ever-smiling Poodle-mix pup did not have the happiest start to her life. Her previous owners in Mexico had abandoned her to the streets. She had been terribly wounded when she was hit by a car as a puppy. When she was rescued, her hind legs had been paralyzed as a result of the wounds. However, there was one thing that never changed even with all the unspeakable trauma she had experienced during her small life—her friendly and happy spirit. 

When Scooty’s lovely adoptive mom rescued and took her to the vet, she was informed that due to the severity of Scooty’s paralysis, she would never walk again. However, that did not diminish her ambition to get Scooty moving and playing again. She got her a wheelchair that would help her easily move around. There was also plenty of physical therapy and hydrotherapy to make her joints and muscles more flexible and strong regardless of her paralysis. 


Even though it was a long and slow process, Scooty persevered like the brave little champ that she is. Thanks to years of practice, she can “scoot” around now, use the stairs alone, and even wag her happy little tail to her heart’s content when she sees her mom. Due to her mom’s unrelenting support and love, Scooty has grown into a confident, strong, and cheerful good girl. 

All that considered, it is no wonder that she got the accolade “Happiest Dog on Planet” by Solid Gold Pet Food. Scooty is quite the popular star on Instagram now with close to 150K followers, where her mom shares glimpses into her day to day life in which you can see this precious rescue pup going on many adventures and living life to the fullest with her mom. 

Story from Scooty’s Instagram page


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