A Dog Watched His Human Do Her Pull-Ups At Home – What He Did Right After Stunned Her And The Internet

Thousands of stories of dogs saving humans and other animals from danger tell us how precious they can be. While some may not be able to save us physically, the concern in their eyes whenever someone is in trouble is precious enough.

Sometimes, dogs are too attentive, they perceive non-threatening situations as dangerous. There are countless stories of owners faking an accident, to see how their dogs will react to the situation. Surprisingly, they still immediately respond to the situation by checking up on their owner and making sure they’re alright.

Igor is one of those dogs who thought something was wrong with their owners. One day his human was working out at their home. She was doing pull-ups, so naturally, she would cling to the bars and lift herself from the ground.

While this is completely harmless, Igor most probably perceived it as something else. Perhaps he thought his human is about to fall down and needs help, so he intervened as quickly as possible.

The clever dog spotted a chair nearby. With all his might, he pushed it back and positioned it underneath his owner’s feet, so his owner can easily step on it before going down.

His shocked but amazed human immediately patted and hugged him when she finished her workout. She posted the clip on Twitter and wrote that she never taught her dog to do what he did, and she never expected that Igor would do the sweet gesture for her.

Igor may have misread what he thought was a dangerous situation, but what captured the hearts of his owner and the internet was the genuine care and kindness he demonstrated. His owner can be assured that whatever happens to her, Igor will definitely have her back!

Meanwhile, here is another proof of how precious dogs are. Watch this video of a man faking his death and how his dog responded to the perceived danger:

Source: TheMeanKitty via YouTube




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