A Doggy Hug So Powerful That It Led to a Heartwarming Adoption

Image via Unsplash

They say that dogs were put on this earth because we all need a guardian angel we could hug. In a video that has gone viral—for all the good reasons!—a journalist meets his own little guardian angel in a rescue dog shelter. He has gone there to do a story about the importance of adopting rescue dogs when an adorable pup came over and proceeded to give him the most heartwarming hug. Seeing how precious this moment between the reporter and the dog was, his colleague has started to record the moment. 

As you can see in the video, it is not one of those swift excited pooch hugs that you get when you first meet a dog. The pup with a red collar jumps up and hugs his leg lovingly, and holds on with cheerful and adoring eyes as the journalist keeps patting his head. The moment lasts for well over thirty seconds, while people around them cheer and exclaim at the cuteness of it all. It is reported that the journalist adopted the dog after they completed the news story in the shelter. 

Image via Youtube

Over a million dog lovers have watched the video so far, and they have all been dearly touched by the instant bond the reporter had with the dog.

“Dogs can sense when someone is a good person.” some have commended. “You do not choose your dog, the dog chooses you!”

You can see the full video of this adorable moment here!

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