A Scared Stray Dog Tussled with Porcupine Quills Rescued and Healed

Image via Youtube/Vet Ranch

Piney was an abandoned pup who had been injured and in severe pain due to an unfortunate Porcupine attack when he wandered into the backyard of a kind lady. She gave water and food to the dehydrated pup and immediately took him to Vet Ranch, an organization dedicated to providing support for homeless animals with medical conditions. They named him Piney because of all the Porcupine quills that were sticking out from his face. 

Due to the numerous traumatic encounters he had faced with humans in his early years of life, Piney was not on the friendliest terms at first. The pain from all the porcupine quills was also making him rather hostile. The doctors used medication that calmed him down. They knew he was desperate to be free from pain. Piney went through a painless procedure to remove all the porcupine pills, got neutered, and got his vaccinations. They also gave him a nice long bath, bringing out his affectionate and gentle personality. 

Image via Youtube/Vet Ranch

Although he was unhappy and growling when he first came into Vet Ranch, after all the procedures were done, he got quite friendly with Dr. Matt and his team at the facility. Dr. Matt adds that dogs like Piney who have had traumatic pasts and display hostile behaviors often go to the pound and get euthanized without been given a chance to develop trust and confidence to be around humans. He encouraged people to help organizations like Vet Ranch that help out lovely homeless animals with medical conditions to get adopted into loving homes.

Image via Youtube/Vet Ranch

Piney was returned to his new adoptive mom once he fully healed, and is now a happy family pet—although he is still a bit scared of porcupines!

Story from Vet Ranch 


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