A Senior Rescue Puppy Who Never Gave Up Finds a Forever Home 7 Years After Arriving at a North Carolina Shelter

After 7 Years of Waiting in a North Carolina Shelter, a Senior Rescue Dog Who Never Given Up Is Adopted.

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After spending seven long years in a Jackson County animal shelter, a beloved North Carolina pup has finally been adopted into a loving home. After an extensive search, his new forever family welcomed the canine companion with open arms. The sweet pooch is now settling into his new life with lots of cuddles and playtime – something he hasn’t experienced in quite some time. His adoption marks a momentous occasion for both him and the shelter staff, who have been waiting patiently for someone to give this deserving pup the love he deserves.

Mitch, a twelve-year-old treeing walker coonhound, was adopted into a loving home after his new mom Teresa Shular saw an emotional video that the Cashiers-Highland Humane Society had posted on their TikTok account. The video told Mitch’s story in an inspiring way and inspired Teresa to give him the forever home he deserved. She reached out to the humane society and offered to adopt him, allowing her to give this sweet pup a second chance at life.

Shular and her husband finally decided to adopt the canine, who had been living in the shelter for a considerable time. She expressed her enthusiasm for their new addition to the family, saying, “I was so eager to get him that I couldn’t get there fast enough!”

The assistant shelter manager, Jodi Henkel informed the station that Mitch had come in as a stray; he was discovered to be anemic and extremely anxious. Over time, with the doting care given to him by the staff at the shelter, his disposition softened considerably. Nevertheless, even with his newfound soothing demeanor, it became challenging to find a home for him due to his advanced age.

“For some reason, people look at hound dogs and don’t see them as pets, age, breed,” Henkel said. “We like to see every dog have a chance because they all deserve it.”

Shular is relishing her time spent with Mitch, who adores lounging on the porch of his new abode and taking leisurely walks around the expansive grounds of his home. He finds great pleasure in exploring all that his property offers and discovering its many wonders and surprises as he meanders through.

Despite the queries from some of her acquaintances, Shular remains steadfast in her decision to get an elderly dog. She is determined to give Mitch a much-improved quality of life during his later years and will not be deterred by any misgivings or criticisms.

“I’ve had it said to me by several people, ‘Why would you go get a dog that age just for it to die on you?’ And I said, ‘So he can have a home beforehand,'” Shular said. “It’s not about me; it’s about Mitch. He needed a home, and thankfully we can provide that for him.”

Shular is determined to ensure the pup has a pleasant and enjoyable experience, bestowing upon him all the love and care he deserves. They will strive to ensure the pup’s comfort levels are kept at a maximum, showing him nothing but affection.

David Stroud, the director of Cashiers-Highland Humane Society, remarked that there is an important moral to be taken from Mitch’s tale of late adoption – one that transcends far beyond his story. He believes that it teaches us all about never giving up hope and how even in difficult times, good can come out of unexpected places. It serves as a reminder to keep the faith and never underestimate the power of kindness and persistence.

“I believe that if Mitch has a message for all of us, it’s just that: never give up,” he told the station.

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