Abandoned Puppy with Big Injury Found Living in Cave with Maggots, No Food, and Water Gets Rescued

Kokkachi Shelter received information about a small dog with a stomach wound. Volunteers went to the location and searched for the dog while he was outside a cave. However, they did not have anything to capture him with.


The volunteers from Kokkachi Shelter went to inspect a small dog with a wound around his stomach, but they didn’t have anything to trap him. They then went back to the shelter to get all the necessary items, including cloth, milk, and a bag. 

However, when they returned to the cave, the dog had not come out. So, they left a bowl of milk outside the cave for a few hours and waited.

Several hours later, the small dog eventually emerged from the cave which was closed off with wooden blocks. The volunteers caught the dog, wrapped it in a towel, and took it to a veterinary institution in Calicut.

Capturing the dog was difficult for the rescuers because it kept going inside the cave, and the rescue attempt was challenging due to the cave’s large size. It took some time for the rescuers to catch the dog.

Due to a holiday, the veterinary clinics were closed, but eventually, the rescue team found a compassionate doctor named Dr. Shihabudheen who agreed to provide free treatment for the injured dog.

The dog was taken to Kokkachi’s shelter for treatment and will now become a part of the Kokkachi community.

The puppy regained its health rapidly and is now lively and full of energy. The entire shelter team was smitten with him as soon as they laid eyes on him, noting his beautiful eyes. 

Despite being in great shape and enjoying time with his human companions, the adorable pup still needs a permanent family to call his own.


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