Abused Puppy With Broken Legs Saved After Being Thrown Into River

A six-month-old puppy named Lux already faced severe setbacks in life compared to any other dog. Lux’s human did not treat him well and even tortured him to the point that he could have died already. Fortunately, volunteers from the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue learned about the dog’s situation and rescued him.

When Lux got rescued, he already had broken bones and fractured bones all over his body. But the worst came when Lux’s former owner attempted to throw him into a river after maltreating him. Thankfully, Lux’s former owner is already facing raps for her actions.

But even with the owners reprimanding, poor Lux still needs to overcome a lot of things to recover fully. According to a volunteer from the shelter, Lux is receiving the needed medical care for his injuries. Apart from this, the shelter is also sponsoring a stress debriefing for the dog. This is because the shelter wants to help Lux overcome the anxiety he faces due to the maltreatment.

More than the mental component, the volunteers are likewise working hard to heal the dog’s physical side. With Lux having fractured bones, it would be challenging for the dog to move. As such, the volunteers need to guide Lux with his everyday life.

Since it would be a daunting task for the volunteers, they sought the help of a veterinarian. When Lux got checked by a resident veterinarian, the volunteers had a sigh of relief. This is because the veterinarian said that Lux would make a full recovery soon.

It would take a while before Lux overcomes his fears, but the volunteers are eager to help the dog at every step of the way. For the volunteers, the dog’s condition is worth fighting for because Lux is a good dog.

Credits to Hope for Paws.



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