Adorable Fidgety Little Pooch Turns Into a “Canine Good Citizen”


Welles was a sad little pup when he was in the shelter. He had too many triggers that made him nervous and scared all the time. On a bright January morning, a sweet and kind human came in and slowly scratched the spot in his right cheek. He felt so safe and happy that he leaned in a little more for another scratch. Just like that, he and his forever human found each other.

Kate, Welles’s lovely adoptive mom, faced several difficulties at first when convincing Welles that is he safe and loved. He was not used to being consistently loved and cared for. He was not ready to calm down and settle into his new amazing life right away. Even the smallest daily life stimuli were too much for him. But, he slowly worked with his mom and some amazing trainers to increase his confidence. He also had a terrible case of separation anxiety that he eventually got through like the brave champion he is. 

Ten years later, he is now the proud winner of a Canine Good Citizen title. He has grown into a calm, happy, healthy, and confident pooch who is loved by everyone. A pup who was once too afraid to be even by himself, Welles now has some friendly doggo friends in his neighborhood that he loves to say hello with a wag of his tail in his walks. 

He now has a sibling—an adorable Golden Retriever pup—that he is willing to pass down all his important pooch wisdom. 

Story from: Animal Humane Society



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