Attentive Golden Retriever Tries To Nurse Her Human Mama Back To Health By Giving Her A Sick Bowl

It is inevitable for dog owners to feel under the weather, especially when they have been extremely stressed with work or just life in general. The same thing happened to one woman who posted a video of herself telling her Golden Retriever about what she was currently feeling.

The Golden Retriever noticed that something was wrong with her human mom, so she decided to walk up to her owner and see if she needed anything. The pup checked on her mama and confirmed that she was not feeling great, so she tried thinking of ways to make her mama feel better.

The woman who lived alone with her Golden Retriever told her that she was feeling unwell, so the worried pup rushed to the kitchen and rummaged through the cabinet to get a “sick bowl.” The dog immediately went back to her mom and sheepishly handed the plastic container to her.

The dog must have recalled that her mom always uses the bowl whenever she feels unwell, so the pup came in prepared and instantly gave the plastic container to her sick owner. The puppy whimpered so loud that he started sounding like a mooing cow.

The dog mom giggled when she saw her furbaby trying to provide her with the “sick bowl” because she knows that her furbaby will always be there to help her take care of herself and make her feel better. She eventually gave a generous amount of head and neck rubs to her worried pup, as if reassuring her that she would be okay.

The Golden Retriever whimpered continuously despite giving her mom what she needed and even letting out a big mooing sound as if trying to tell her human to get well soon. The dog mom shared how grateful she was for her dog’s efforts to nurse her back to health.

Source: BViral via YouTube



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