Barkside Dog Bar in Detroit Offers Fun and Connection for Pets and Their Owners over Beer

The Barkside Dog Bar in Detroit is a dog park that provides both dogs and their owners with a place to socialize and have fun. The bar offers a selection of beverages, including beer, wine, cocktails, mocktails, and coffee, and there are indoor and outdoor areas for dogs to play in.

David Oh and Cody Williams are aiming to open the Barkside Dog Bar at 7960 Kercheval Ave. in late August or early September.

David Oh shared that he used to take his dog to the park after being at work all day and noticed the lack of places that catered to both pets and their owners. This is what led him to come up with the idea for a dog park that also has a bar where people can socialize while their pets play.

Williams and Oh, both dog owners, were discussing the issue of leaving their dogs alone at home and the lack of opportunities to socialize with other people while at a dog park. This led to the idea of Barkside Dog Bar and plans were initiated.

However, Oh and Williams are aware that a dog park bar isn’t a new concept and has already existed in other places, including Michigan. Nevertheless, they aim to bring something unique to Detroit since there is no such concept in the city. Williams stated that they intend to establish a relaxed and fun atmosphere, with bright colors that encourage engagement.

The owners of Barkside Dog Bar have plans to host various events in the future, such as weekend yoga, breed meet-ups, singles mingle nights, arts and crafts events, etc., so that dog owners can connect with each other. They are also thinking of offering training classes after hours.

Williams mentioned that they also aim to establish a feeling of togetherness in the bar. Typically, when one enters a bar, restaurant, or room, they don’t know anyone there, and they don’t greet anyone. However, they noticed that incorporating dogs can serve as an excellent conversation starter since people tend to remember the dogs, making it a great way to break the ice.

The safety of dogs is the top priority at Barkside, although the bar will be serving alcoholic beverages. The park will have a double-gated fence, plastic cups will be used instead of glass to avoid injuring any animals in case of breakage, and trained staff will be present to supervise and ensure safety. Barkside will be open to everyone, even those who don’t have a dog. Williams explained that he had met people who don’t own dogs but enjoy their company while visiting other dog parks.

David Oh and Cody Williams are currently finalizing the pricing structure for Barkside, but they have shared that dogs will be able to purchase day, monthly, or annual passes, while humans can come in for free. They plan to open the Detroit location first and then expand to other cities in the Metro Detroit area once it is established.

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