Being Outdoors Helped This Fearful Pitbull Let Go And Trust People

A rescuer named John rescued a stray dog named Cody. He found Cody wandering around a neighborhood and decided to help him out. He knew that he had nowhere to go, and John wanted to give him a chance to have a future family.

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The capture was challenging was Cody was fearful of people. He was also terrified of leashes. John did not know his background.

He was unsure if Cody was unfamiliar with a leash or he had a bad experience with one. All he knew was, he needed to take it easy on Cody when it comes to putting leashes on him.

When Cody was already in the shelter, it sometimes took John ten minutes just to get him out of his kennel. This happened every time he saw John bring a leash with him. John needed it so he could take Cody for a walk. It was challenging to do that, but John persevered.

He would even explain to Cody the benefits of going out on walks. When Cody realized that walking was fun, he started enjoying it. He also started trusting John and his leash. It did not take long before Cody gotten used to being in a lead and being with other people.

This was progress, and John was glad to see Cody opening up. He was also pleased that it did not take long for a family to fall in love with Cody. Cody spent time with potential adopters. Fortunately, one of the families loved him!

He finally found a family that was going to take care of him and call his own. This would not have been possible if Cody’s rescuer, John gave up on him. Sometimes, all it takes is a person like John for a dog to open up and start enjoying life.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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