Big Great Dane Helps Raise Hundreds Of Adorable Little Puppies That Need Help

Shelby was supposed to be put up for adoption when Shirley Zindler came across the eight-month-old Great Dane in a shelter. The Dogwood Animal Rescue Project founder inquired about Shelby and found out that her family surrendered her near the pound where her rescue group was based.

Shirley visited Shelby at the shelter and knew that there was something special about the dog, so she decided to foster her until she finds a fur-ever family. The two quickly developed a special bond when she saw how gentle and loving Shelby was to all the puppies and kittens that she was fostering when they got home.

Shirley decided to adopt Shelby for good because she felt that the Great Dane would be a great addition to her rescue group. Fortunately, Shirley was correct because Shelby proved to be the best assistant she never thought she needed.

Shirley recalled that Shelby was always the most present and engaged with all the new animals arriving at her facility among the big dogs she had. Shelby took her job of being the assistant seriously and was into her work that she lets the kittens and puppies get away with everything they do with her.

The puppies would often bite onto Shelby’s jowls and hold on as if their lives depend on it, and Shelby does not even seem to mind it at all. Shirley recalled that Shelby would even freeze in one spot until the pups let go of her because she did not want them to get hurt with her sudden movement.

Shirley shared Shelby has interacted with over a dozen kittens and hundreds of puppies in the last three years that she has been under her care. Shelby played a significant role in helping them be good pets by ensuring they all get used to having a sibling interact with them at their homes.

Source: The Dodo via Facebook


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