Bubble Puppy’ breaks free from isolation and enjoys life

When Kathryn, who works as a veterinary technician, saw Sally for the first time, the dog was in critical condition. A breeder who couldn’t take care of her anymore gave Sally to Kathryn. Sally was suffering from pneumonia and had difficulty breathing, and Kathryn described her as “blue.”

Thankfully, Kathryn had prepared an oxygen container, which she referred to as a “bubble,” for Sally, which provided the puppy with sufficient oxygen. Kathryn realized that Sally was dependent on oxygen and would require prolonged treatment inside the container. Sally had respiratory issues and required support to strengthen her lungs.

Kathryn took care of Sally for a considerable amount of time, both inside and outside of the oxygen chamber. However, Sally was unable to leave the bubble as she would immediately start gasping for air after just a few seconds.

Despite her respiratory problems, Sally showed a desire to live a normal life and be a regular dog. She would signal her caregivers by kissing the walls of her bubble and looking outside, indicating that she wanted to play and live her life normally, but her body would not allow her to do so.

During Sally’s recovery, her carers would often take her and the oxygen chamber with them to different places, so she could see more than just the walls of her chamber. However, when Sally started to paw at the bubble, it became clear that she was trying to escape and be free.

Despite her respiratory problem, Sally had a strong desire to leave her oxygen chamber and explore the world around her. To satisfy this desire, Kathryn established a regular schedule of taking Sally out of her bubble for short periods of time. These outings allowed the pup to get some exercise and were beneficial for her lungs. This routine continued for several days, with Sally being taken on small trips outside her bubble.

The frequent outdoor trips had a positive effect on Sally’s respiratory condition, greatly improving her breathing. As Sally grew, Kathryn expanded the size of her oxygen chamber so that she could move around instead of just lying down.

One day, the carers decided to take Sally outside and let her play on the grass under the sun. Despite her respiratory problems, she was able to be outside for a while before returning to her bubble. As she had improved significantly since the beginning of her treatment, they allowed her to freely move in and out of her bubble.


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