Coworkers Rescue Dogs from Burning Building Next Door

A group of coworkers in Seattle showed bravery by saving their neighboring dogs from a fire that engulfed a business last month. It is not common for people, other than firefighters, to run towards a fire.

Smoke was seen coming from The Dog Resort, a doggy daycare located in Seattle’s Lake City area. Employees from PSR Mechanical, an HVAC company located across the road, rushed to the scene. One of the employees from the company who ran to the Dog Resort was Greg Hagen.

Greg Hagen, an employee of PSR Mechanical, described the scene when he arrived at The Dog Resort in Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood. He said that there was smoke coming out of the building and a lot of noise from the dogs and emergency responders. He explained that it was a chaotic situation and they were not sure what to do, but they knew they had to help.

According to Hagen, he and his colleagues teamed up with other individuals from the community, including staff members from a nearby Mexican restaurant, to rescue approximately 60 dogs.

According to Greg Hagen, he and eight other coworkers, as well as employees from a nearby Mexican restaurant, took on different roles to help save the dogs during the fire. Some of them ran to the building to grab the dogs, while others helped secure the yard to prevent small dogs from running into the street. The employees also took care of the dogs and played with them.

The workers from PSR Mechanical helped to keep the dogs safe in their yard while firefighters were trying to put out the fire at The Dog Resort. Greg Hagen said that it was great to see that the dogs had settled in their yard and started having fun and running around as if they were given a new play park.

The team not only calmed the frightened dogs but also anxious pet owners who had come to pick up their pets. Some of these owners had dropped their dogs off that morning and had seen the news of the fire, causing them to become extremely worried. Hagen said his team helped reunite these owners with their beloved pets, and it was emotional to see their reactions when they saw their dogs safe and playing in the yard. Some members of the team were even close to tears.

The dogs were unharmed in the fire and the employees from PSR and Aceitunos Mexican Foods have been praised for their heroic actions. The Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell visited both businesses to thank the employees who rescued the dogs and gave them a letter of recognition.

Greg Hagen expressed that the experience was chaotic and he would not want to go through it again, but he and his coworkers were grateful they could assist in saving the dogs.

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