Dalmatian Puppy Joins Firefighters For An Evening Workout

Everybody knows that Dalmatians are the official fire dogs. This tradition dates back to more than a century when firefighters used horse-drawn carriages to ride to the fire scene and Dalmatians ran beside the horses to help them stay calm and alert people to move away from the road. With the inventions of cars and trucks, Dalmatians are now kept around the station as friendly companions to preserve tradition.

Meet Marshall, the newest addition and treasured four-legged member of the Seville-Guilford Fire Department in Seville, Ohio. This adorable Dalmatian puppy joined the team of brave firefighters on October 4. Sure, Marshall might still be a tiny pup, but this canine is ready to prove to his human colleagues that he has their backs.

The black-and-white pup is training to become a certified therapy dog, specializing in fire prevention training. Marshall lives full-time at the fire station to accompany his firefighter colleagues during their exhausting long shifts on duty. However, this furry puppy is more than just an adorable companion to the department.

The smart canine seems to know that staying in shape is a vital part of a firefighterÂ’s job. So, he took it to himself to assist the team whenever they hit the gym. Footage from the Seville-Guilford Fire & EMS Facebook page showed the dedicated pooch training alongside his colleagues during their evening workout.

In the clip, the black and white canine wagged his tail as he followed one of his two-legged co-workers. Meanwhile, two other firefighters in full uniform ran on treadmills in the background. As the man pushed and pulled the heavy equipment across the room, Marshall kept close on his heels, ready to assist if needed.

At one point, Marshall jumped behind the man, seemingly trying to help him push the gym equipment. The eager dog then continued walking beside the firefighter and watched over him. The Village of Seville and Guildford Township can rest easy knowing that the determined pup is here to keep their first responders in tip-top shape.

Source: Seville-Guilford Fire & EMS via Facebook

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