Deaf And Blind Dog Shows Exceptional Ability To Learn Tricks Despite Her Disability

Pearl, a blind and deaf dog from Hawaii, performed well when learning dog tricks despite her disability. She was born with a condition called double merle. It happens when a merle gene is inherited by the dog twice leading to deafness, blindness, or both.

Lauren adopted Pearl in November 2016 and live together with three other dogs named Pebble, Penny, and Pete. Pearl’s disability is an evident challenge to her well-being, and Lauren is proud of how her dog adapted to the environment despite her condition.

A dog trainer helps in teaching Pearl to follow commands that normal dogs can do. She can follow commands like sit, down, paw, and crawl. The tricks are taught through touch because she cannot hear and see hand signals.

Pearl has impressive sniffing skills. She uses it to detect where Lauren stands in a room and be familiar with her owner’s scent. She is excited and proud every time she successfully runs towards her owner.

Lauren always brings her dogs for a walk. She does not let disabilities keep them from enjoying and doing adventures. She makes sure that Pearl is included in all these activities. She is not afraid to go hiking through mixed terrains. She is brave to challenge herself with each step.

Lauren made an Instagram page where she features her dogs’ adventure. Pearl is seen trying to pass between rocks during their trail in some posts.

After a long day of adventure, Pearl enjoys sleeping in her owner’s arm. She also has her favorite toy to keep her company when they are at home. It is a plush earthworm that she takes everywhere she goes.

The story of Pearl serves as an inspiration to other dog owners taking care of their disabled pup.

Photo credits to Shrimpy and Friends Instagram page.


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