Dog And Mom Has The Most Heartwarming Reunion After Being Separated For Weeks

As dog owners, the thought of our pets escaping from our yard is truly a nightmare. Losing your beloved pet dog is like losing a member of the family, which is why we always make sure that our dogs have no way to escape whenever they’re in the yard. However, there are times when dogs can prove to be quite the escape artist – when they get curious enough, they end up escaping and running away to explore the world.

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Unfortunately, most dogs that run away from their home get lost and won’t know how to get back home. If you’re lucky, a person in your neighborhood might shelter them and take them to the nearest animal rescue shelter or return them to you if they know the dog belongs to you. This is also why it’s essential to tag your dog’s collar with your contact details and why a microchip can save you many heartaches if they get caught by animal control.

US Army Sergeant Dahlberg and her two children were heartbroken when their dog, Ginger, ran away and got lost. Dahlberg and her kids thought they were never going to see Ginger again, but they still searched for their beloved pet for weeks. When they were about to lose all hope, they eventually learned that Ginger was being cared for in an animal rescue shelter called Front Street Animal Shelter.

Sergeant Dahlberg immediately went to the shelter together with her kids. Ginger was brought out of the kennel after getting all the paperwork sorted and reunited with Sergeant Dahlberg. The video shows Ginger cuddling with her mom and was heard whimpering.

Ginger is so happy to be back with her family after weeks of living alone. Sergeant Dahlberg comforted Ginger to assure her that everything will be okay and that they’ll be going home soon. After the heartwarming reunion, Sergeant Dahlberg carried Ginger back to her car, where her kids waited.

While out in the streets, Ginger got infected with parvo. Thankfully, it was detected at its early stages, and Ginger was given the necessary treatment and made a full recovery. Here’s a video of the emotional reunion.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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