Dog Gives Woman Warm Hugs After She Brings Him To His Forever Home

Going through life as a shelter dog isn’t easy. Shelter dogs often do not get much love, and it’s sad to see them get euthanized if there are no interested owners to adopt them. Fortunately for one 4-year-old Pit Bull named Russ, a loving human stepped in to adopt him and brought him to his forever home.

When Russ came to the ACCT Philly, a Philadelphia-based animals shelter, he was in a terrible condition. The poor dog was not only skinny and badly wounded, but he also had missing fur on his tail and ears. And to make it all worse, he had a kennel cough.

In a pretty horrible condition, the Pit Bull sat in his kennel as he stared at Kayla Filoon, a volunteer in the ACCT Philly. The woman had been walking the dogs for the last few years and had loved her job ever since. She developed a heartwarming bond with all of the shelter pups, but Russ caught her attention the most.

Out of pity, Filoon decided to usher Russ for a walk to give him company. That’s when she realized that, unlike most dogs who react or bark unceremoniously, Russ was well-mannered. He was also softhearted and knew a lot of basic dog commands.

Filoon knew right there and then that she had to adopt Russ since there was also a risk of him being put down due to the shelter’s overcrowding issues. The day after, she hurried to the shelter and sorted out all the adoption paperwork. Finally, she was able to take the Pit Bull home with her.

For the rest of the weeks that Russ spent with Filoon, life has been nothing but comfort and happiness. Case in point, there are pictures of the sweet pup giving his beloved mom non-stop hugs while she was busy with her homework. The moment was so precious that it even went viral online.

Russ couldn’t be any more grateful for having Filoon by his side. Thanks to her, the once sick and badly wounded dog has found a home he can now call his own.

Source Cesar’s Way via YouTube

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