Dog Rescued from a Frozen Lake in Ohio As Family Watched on Facebook

Imagine having to helplessly watch as your beloved pup falls through a frozen lake and a kind stranger is almost risking their own life to rescue him.

This is what a family in Ohio had to go through last Christmas. Gunner, a 1-year-old Golden Retriever is a therapy dog with a friendly and outgoing personality. Aller family got the dog for their son Ayden who loves the pup so dearly. On this particular day, the Aller family was visiting family for Christmas, and they had their family members living close by check on Gunner till they were back. Unfortunately, they forgot to close the backdoor and Gunner managed to escape without them even knowing. 

Kevin Klosterman, the person who heroically rescued Gunner got a call from his brother about a dog who fell through the ice. He immediately got his canoe and set out to rescue the pup in distress. According to him, every second counted and he knew if over five minutes passed after Gunner fell, the story would immediately turn into a tragedy. Fortunately, he was able to rescue Gunner quickly and safely. Gunner did seem to enjoy the ride back to the land on the canoe in the video. 

Image via WDTN News

Aller family was a part of a local Facebook group, where the visitors to the lake share photos and videos. A group member who was nearby when the rescue happened was sharing the attempt on the Facebook group in realtime. Lisa Aller immediately recognized the dog as Gunner, but they were absolutely helpless since they were out of town. Lisa said that they were scared about Gunner and they were also extremely nervous about the person who was walking on fragile ice to save him. “I just was embarrassed”, she said. “I was shocked and it was terrible”. 

Ayden Aller, the owner of Gunner added that he would like to thank Kevin Klosterman, the heroic rescuer of his pet from the bottom of his heart. “If I would’ve lost Gunner, I do not know what I would have done”. 

Story from: WDTN News 


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