Everett’s Park-9 Dog Bar Hosts Grand Opening, Welcoming Dogs and Their Owners

A new type of bar has recently opened up in the Boston region, called the Park-9 Dog Bar located in Everett. The establishment officially opened its doors with a special ceremony where dogs and their owners were welcomed.

The newly opened Park-9 Dog Bar in Everett, Boston, is a bar that welcomes dogs and their owners to enjoy drinks and have a good time together. 

The bar’s slogan, “Where dogs bring their humans,” highlights the unique aspect of the establishment. Co-owner Emily Gusse hopes to provide a space where dog parents and lovers can gather, socialize and celebrate the companionship of their furry friends. 

The mayor of Everett, Carlo DeMaria, expressed his support for the bar, seeing it as a great place for dog owners to relax and have a cocktail in the company of their pets.

The Park-9 Dog Bar in Everett is the first of its kind in New England and boasts a spacious indoor area as well as a large park. According to co-owner Tess Kohanski, the bar has been carefully curated to provide an elevated experience for both dogs and their owners. 

Rather than a basic turf patch with a bar, the bar features an elevated design to ensure a unique and thoughtful experience for its customers.

The owners of Park-9 Dog Bar in Everett created the facility to provide a year-round space for dogs and their owners to play. In addition to a large indoor bar area and park, the bar features quiet areas, picnic table spaces, and lounge areas with leather dog beds. 

The design is meant to allow visitors to customize their experience at the bar. Park-9 also offers a weekday doggie daycare service.


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