Family Reunites With Stolen Dogs After Three-Year Separation

A police officer’s dedication and some good fortune led to the reunion of two stolen dogs with their family three years after they went missing, which was something the family never thought would happen.

In April 2020, Wandi Deyzel and her family experienced a devastating loss that left them feeling hopeless. However, after three years, their story had a surprising and joyful ending thanks to a dedicated police officer and some fortunate circumstances.

Wandi’s dogs, Lola and Bash, went missing from their yard at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown and were suspected to have been stolen. However, the search for them was hindered by the lockdown restrictions that made community searches difficult. 

For Wandi, the longing for her beloved pets grew stronger as time went on. But almost three years later, Wandi received the news she thought would never come – Lola had been found.

Lola, the missing Weimaraner, was brought to a vet by an unknown woman who found her on the beach. The vet confirmed the dog’s identity through her microchip, but the woman left before giving any contact details. Fortunately, the woman returned to the beach, hoping that the dog’s owner might still be searching for her there.

Lola was finally reunited with her family, thanks to the perseverance and dedication of police officer Suzette Ludeke, who never gave up on leads and went beyond her duties to help the family find their missing dogs.

After three long years of searching, Wandi Deyzel’s dogs, Lola and Bash, who were believed to have been stolen from their yard at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown, were finally found. Lola was spotted by a woman who took her to the vet to check her microchip, and Bash was found just three days later. 

Police Officer Suzette Ludeke played a key role in reuniting the dogs with their owner, and the family expressed their gratitude to her and her team for not giving up on the case. This was not the first time Ludeke had gone beyond her duties to help her community, as she also raised funds for a petrol attendant in 2018.


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