Feisty Little Rescue Frenchie Doesn’t Let His Disability Stop Him From Having Fun And His Positive Attitude Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Put your hand up if you haven’t let anything negative stop you from getting to where you want to be. If you didn’t, welcome to the real world.

If you have, then you’re one of those few who could zoom through life easily. It’s tough to develop that kind of attitude, but it’s all worth it.


Meet Fenwick McHenry, a tiny French Bulldog who got rescued by the Road Dogs and Rescue organization. This org basically makes sure that disable furballs like Henry would have a chance at life.

It’s tough to run an animal rescue org with the on-going pandemic, but these people and their good hearts managed. Mad props to you, guys!

Thanks to them, Henry’s now in a foster home, and he couldn’t be happier. Foster mom Andrea makes sure she sees to the little pup’s needs, and she soon discovered Henry’s feisty attitude.

He may be small, and he may have a leg to drag, but those don’t stop him from making zoomies. He’d just hunker down and then go for it, much to Andrea’s delight.

Henry’s a little fighter, and he has convinced himself to just live his best life and not waste this opportunity. He’d say hi and mess with Andrea’s other Bulldog named Amos Malachi.

The Frenchie’s confidence must have rubbed off on the pittie because he didn’t mind the smaller dog’s calls for play. That’s quite an achievement, Henry!

We’re sure that this little Frenchie will find his forever family soon if he isn’t adopted yet. That kind of character will always attract the right people.

Much thanks to the Road Dogs and Rescue peeps, including Andrea. Henry’s life would have been so different if not for you guys.

We need more people like you. We also need more of Henry’s confidence and positive outlook in life. Here’s to Fenwick McHenry’s bright future!

Photo and video credits to Animal Rescue Supporter via YouTube


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