Funny Rescue Dog Barks Like a Seal Until His New Dad Adopts Him


Dennis, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a shiny black coat, was loved by everyone in the shelter because of his chatty mannerisms and adorable personality. He was most known for his unique barks like a little seal. He first met Drew, his now best friend and owner, when he came to the shelter to adopt a different dog. However, the pup he was looking at had already been adopted by another family by the time he arrived. Heartbroken, he was going to walk away when he saw Dennis. When Drew went near him, Dennis started making his little seal noises to show how excited he was to meet him. It was love at first sight for both of them.


Drew says, “He was jumping up and down and kind of grunting without a voice. I was like, what is this dog? He’s so odd. I’ve gotta take him out.” However, the shelter informed him that Dennis had already been signed for adoption, and he would go to his new home in two weeks. But the instant bond he had with Dennis was so much that he asked to foster him for those two weeks until his new family officially accepted him. The shelter said okay, but warned him not to bond too much with the sweet pup since it would be too painful to give him away later. Drew and Dennis had the best time of their lives during those two weeks, and soon the time came to say goodbye.


When Drew got the phone call requesting to return Dennis back to the shelter, he was devastated. He begged to ask the family who had signed to adopt Dennis to let him keep him. After seeing videos and pictures of how beautifully bonded Drew and Dennis had got over two weeks, the kind family said okay. Drew and Dennis have been inseparable since then. Every day is a happy new adventure for this rescue pup who barked his way like a seal to adoption!

Story from Dennis’s Instagram Account, where you can see his adorable shenanigans and the perfect seal impression! 

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