Golden Retrievers Honor Memory of Beloved Dogs Spencer and Penny by Crossing Boston Marathon Finish Line

There was a large gathering of happy and cheerful golden faces.

While Boston runners typically complete the marathon and cross the well-known finish line in Copley Square on a Monday, a group of golden retrievers decided to take on the task on a Sunday.

Although they didn’t run the entire 26.2-mile marathon, a pack of canines managed to reach the finish line. Later, more golden retrievers gathered at Boston Common on Sunday afternoon, as per Elisha Bussiere, one of the founders of Massachusetts Golden Meetups group who coordinated the event.

According to Elisha Bussiere, it’s impossible to determine the exact number of dogs that turned up at the meetup, but she approximated that there were about 250 canines present. She added that the group didn’t anticipate such an overwhelming turnout.

Bussiere described the scene as a vast gathering of golden retrievers with cheerful expressions. The sight helped to calm the nerves of those preparing for the marathon the next day, resulting in a day filled with pure bliss and contentment.

Bussiere mentioned that several runners approached the dogs and expressed their gratitude, stating that the sight of the retrievers had brightened their day.

The Massachusetts Golden Meetups group organized the day to pay tribute to Spencer and Penny, two golden retrievers who were famous for being present along the marathon route. In fact, Spencer was officially named the Boston Marathon dog in 2022. Unfortunately, both dogs passed away in February.

The members of Massachusetts Golden Meetups received the news of Spencer and Penny’s passing while attending another event. Upon learning about it, they immediately decided to do something to commemorate the dogs.

Bussiere explained that when someone loves a golden retriever, they naturally feel affectionate towards all dogs of the breed. Therefore, everyone in the group felt a deep connection with Spencer and Penny, which prompted them to take action.

Rich Powers, the owner of Spencer and Penny, shared with that he took part in the 9:30 a.m. walk that went across the finish line. As he crossed over, he held a photo of his two beloved dogs.

Powers expressed his admiration for the event, stating that it was an emotional and remarkable way to honor the memory of Spencer and Penny. He was deeply touched to see his dogs being commemorated in such a special way.

Powers shared that he carried the flags that Spencer used on Marathon Mondays, along with wearing the raincoat that Spencer had worn during the 2018 marathon that was infamous for its rain. During this year’s marathon, Powers and his family plan to stand at their usual spot, carrying signs to commemorate Spencer and Penny.

Powers expressed his intention to support the runners as he had done in the past, hoping to inspire them with the same energy that Spencer and Penny had exuded.

The Massachusetts Golden Meetups group raised over $1,000 towards cancer and disease research in dogs, which was a cause that Powers had also been supporting after the passing of Spencer and Penny.

As of Sunday night, the total donations towards the cause had exceeded $32,000, with a goal of reaching $50,000.

Bussiere expressed her admiration for the idea of hosting the Sunday event annually, but she is uncertain about whether it will happen in the future. She emphasized that this event was a true representation of the community spirit.

According to Bussiere, there is strength in numbers when people come together, whether it is as a community of golden retriever lovers or as a community that came together after the marathon bombing.

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