Graduating with Honors: Three Top Dogs Finish SDPD K-9 Academy after ‘Working Their Tails Off’

The graduation of three top dogs from the K-9 academy of the San Diego Police Department was announced.

Chico, Goraz and Xantos, the three graduates of the San Diego Police Department K-9 academy, have been declared as certified K-9 officers after putting in a lot of effort.

SDPD’s Chico, Goraz, and Xantos are not just adorable dogs but are also certified K-9 officers skilled in tracking and apprehension, and they can even serve as a de-escalation tool, according to officials.

The San Diego Police Department expressed their gratitude to Chico, Goraz, and Xantos for their dedication and service in the K-9 academy program. The department acknowledged the dogs’ outstanding skills in tracking, apprehension, and their ability to serve as a de-escalation tool. 

The department also congratulated the dogs on their certification as K-9 officers and praised them as “top dogs” in their field. The statement concluded with a round of applause and appreciation for the dogs’ hard work and their continued contribution to spreading joy.

The City of San Diego reports that there are currently more than 35 active K-9 officers serving the region under the SDPD. An FAQ handout about the SDPD’s K-9 unit notes that the presence of a police dog or the sound of its bark can have a psychological effect on humans, which can aid in the apprehension of suspects.

The New York Police Department first started using police dogs in the U.S. in 1911, and they have been an important part of law enforcement ever since, according to officials. 

Chico, Goraz, and Xantos are now officially certified K-9 officers and are the newest members of SDPD’s K-9 force. Their careers will involve assisting police officers in protecting and serving the San Diego community.


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