Guy Quits Job To Help Rescue Dogs Get Adopted And Clear Animal Shelters Across The Country

Wouldn’t it be great to have a job that gives you a six-figure salary? For most people, this is what’s considered a dream job, and this type of job would make them happy. However, one person who actually has this job decided to quit and live out of a custom RV.

We would all think that this person is crazy for quitting a six-figure job, but this particular person did it for the reason that will make your heart melt. Lee Asher was a corporate trainer who had a six-figure salary. Lee was doing really well with his career and was earning a lot of money.

However, Lee wasn’t satisfied with his job and felt that he could do better. Lee is a passionate animal rescuer and a very active advocate for adopting shelter dogs. One day, Lee decided that he wanted to do more for shelter dogs, and he decided to quit his corporate job to rescue dogs full time.

Lee converted a school bus into a custom RV so he could travel all across the country together with his ten amazing rescue dogs. All of his rescue dogs have emotional and physical issues, but Lee wanted everyone to know that these dogs can still be excellent pets. Lee founded The Asher House, which aims to encourage people to adopt rescue dogs instead of buying one from pet stores.

Lee uses the money donated to his foundation to rescue dogs and encourage people to adopt shelter dogs. A lot of the dogs that Lee rescues are dogs that couldn’t find suitable homes. He even adopted ten shelter dogs that couldn’t find a suitable family to take care of them.

For Asher, the hardest thing to do is not to keep the dogs he fosters. After traveling with the dogs he fosters for a while, he gets to bond with them and gets attached. However, Lee tries very hard to resist the urge to adopt the dog. He always thinks of what’s good for the dog. Here’s a heartwarming video of Lee quitting his corporate job and chose to help dogs all across the country.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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