Heartbroken Dog Visits Deceased Owner’s Grave Daily, Captures Hearts Across the Internet

This loyal dog was deeply saddened by the passing of his owner. As a result, he lost interest in eating and frequently left his home without anyone knowing where he went.

This story takes place in Turkey and begins with a man named Oztuk Ismail who found a dog on the street and decided to adopt him. The dog was named Zozo and had a special bond with Oztuk, enjoying spending time with him due to his fondness for him.

Oztuk Ismail passed away on February 10, 2014, which came as a shock to his family. Zozo, the dog that Ismail had taken in, had a strong bond with him and was deeply affected by his owner’s death. For the past two years, Zozo had been grieving and experiencing a sense of hopelessness, making him the most mournful member of the family.

The dog would often disappear from the house, which was noticed by Oztuk’s family. However, he would eventually return home, but they were unsure of where he went during his time away.

Oztuk Zafer, the son of Oztuk Ismail, decided to visit his father’s grave one day and noticed an animal resting there from afar. As he got closer, he realized it was Zozo, who had been visiting the grave and crying there for two years since Oztuk Ismail’s death. Zozo’s behavior made it clear to Oztuk Zafer how much the dog missed his father.

The son of Oztuk Ismail took the dog to his father’s grave, and to everyone’s surprise, Zozo began visiting the grave every day, regardless of the weather conditions.

Even though the animal cannot speak, it still shows its affection towards its owner through its actions. The dog’s loyalty and love towards its previous owner suggests that the owner must have been a wonderful person who deserved such devotion from the dog.


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