Heroic Pit Bull Saves Foster Mom from Rattlesnake in Touching Display of Love Bond

Until a few weeks ago, Nellie, a homeless pit bull, was not typically described as brave. Instead, she was often referred to as fearful, protective, shy, or cautious.

However, during a hiking trip in a Texas state park, Nellie came to the rescue when she positioned herself between her foster mother, Jane Taylor, and a rattlesnake.

The Final Frontier Rescue Project, a Texas-based volunteer organization, took Nellie from a California shelter when she was a year old. Nellie had spent years in kennels before meeting Jane Taylor, her current foster mother, six months ago.

According to Taylor, when Nellie arrived, she was a little overweight, which made her look cute. They called her their tiny potato sack, but they knew that wasn’t her ideal shape. So, they started running together, and now Nellie weighs 45 pounds.

When Nellie first came to her temporary residence, she was afraid of loud noises, strangers, and strange animals. She was also protective of her toys and resisted being touched by strangers. However, with the help of her foster mother, Nellie began to adjust to her new life.

Nellie showed how much progress she had made on a sunny day in March.

Jane Taylor, Nellie’s foster mother, described that they were hiking to the car after a trip to a huge rock dome, taking a route that they don’t usually take. She didn’t notice the rattlesnake at first and only realized its presence when she heard it and began screaming.

Taylor recounted how, without warning, Nellie quickly ran towards the rattlesnake while Taylor was screaming in fear. Nellie then bravely pounced on the snake, seemingly telling Taylor to move forward as she took care of the snake.

Shortly after Nellie took on the snake, she was bitten in the face. One of the hiking companions then covered the snake with his jacket and pulled the snake away from Nellie.

Taylor and her friend had to carry Nellie down the mountain because the dog was refusing to move or walk after the snake bite.

Taylor remembered that when they placed Nellie in the car, her mouth was open, her head was tilted back, and her eyes were shut. Although Nellie wasn’t vocalizing in agony, it was evident that she was not feeling well.

Taylor said she realized it was urgent to take Nellie to the vet.

Nellie received two vials of antivenom and antibiotics to treat her snake bite wound. After that, she was told to rest in bed. Thanks to the prompt actions of everyone involved, Nellie is making a quick recovery. 

Taylor commented that Nellie is a resilient dog and was already chasing squirrels again just two days after the incident.

Nellie has now fully recovered and is ready to be adopted into a permanent home.

However, since she requires a more structured environment to feel secure, her foster mother Taylor plans to move to Hawaii soon to take care of her elderly parents.

According to Taylor, Nellie has been relaxing and enjoying life more after going through a period of adjustment. She gets excited when visitors come to the house and is no longer possessive over her toys. Taylor described Nellie as adorable and eager to please, saying that she is always seeking attention and affection.

Taylor is grateful to Nellie for her courageous act and believes that Nellie has a bright future ahead of her if only someone would give her an opportunity.

Taylor said that people often assume that Nellie was protecting her. It’s possible that Nellie was indeed trying to protect her because she pays attention to anything or anyone she dislikes during her walks. Taylor finds it amazing to think that Nellie would do that for her.


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