Hilarious Doggo Interrupts The Valedictory Speech At An Alabama High School

High school graduation ceremonies are events that are filled with different emotions. Parents are relieved that their children are done with high school, while the students themselves feel happy and sad at the same time, and we all know what this means. We are excited to be moving on to the next chapter, but we’re sad that we have to say goodbye to our friends.

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However, hilarity doesn’t usually play a big part in high school graduations, except maybe when the one giving a speech cracks a joke. Back in 2019, laughter broke out during the valedictory speech at Horseshoe Bend High School graduation in Alabama.

But the class valedictorian, Colby Cheaney, wasn’t even making a joke. It was a doggo who actually stole the show! During Colby’s speech, the dog Charlie walked in front of the stage, and everyone started laughing. Colby had to pause because Charlie made him laugh, too.

Charlie belonged to Logan Branch’s aunt. Logan was sitting in front of the graduating class, and when he saw Charlie, he was doing his best not to be recognized. Logan knew that if the pupper spotted him, he could become excited and run towards him, causing a bigger distraction.

Although Logan’s efforts were effective, it didn’t stop Charlie from creating a bigger commotion. The doggo stepped right next to a fern in front of the graduating class and sniffed the plant. After sniffing the fern, Charlie lifted his leg and marked his territory. Yes, this doggo peed in front of hundreds of people.

Everyone burst out laughing, and it was nice to see that everyone saw the funny side of Charlie’s antics, despite the event being solemn. Colby’s speech was, of course, halted, but he was able to continue after Charlie left. Everyone loved that ice breaker and that will indeed make their graduation more memorable.

Credits: USA TODAY


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