Homeless dogs refuse to stop cuddling each other at shelter – Heartwarming bond captured

It can be a difficult experience for dogs to be put in a shelter. 

They may not understand why they were taken from their home and placed in a loud and unfamiliar environment with other dogs. 

This confusion is understandable for dogs who have lost their homes, and their time at rescue shelters can be a frightening and lonely experience.

However, these two fortunate furry friends had the opportunity to stay together after losing their home, and they comforted each other throughout their entire stay. Employees at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa were pleasantly surprised to see CC comfortably perched on top of Chewbacca.

The staff at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa noticed that despite the large size difference between CC and Chewbacca, the two dogs would cuddle non-stop.

Chewbacca, despite his towering size, welcomed CC to snuggle against his soft fur. The shelter wrote on Facebook, “Chewbacca and little CC are pretty much always cuddling when we walk by their kennel – and that usually means CC is somehow draped over Chewy. These two love going on walks and car rides and being involved in whatever you’re doing.”

The two dogs were unfortunately given up by their owners because of the newborn baby’s allergies. Fortunately, they were able to stay together at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. They were already inseparable before, but now they were even more attached to each other. According to Jessica Jorgenson, a spokesperson for the shelter, CC is usually sitting on Chewy, draped over him, or curled up next to him whenever they walk by their kennel.

The two dogs are inseparable and enjoy being together all the time. They even like to cuddle up together in the backseat of a car when they go on trips. 

Their bond is more than just friendship; they are family to each other. Despite being brought to the animal rescue center due to incompatibility with a newborn baby with allergies, they were able to stay together at the shelter. Their story went viral online, and everyone loved seeing pictures of CC sitting on top of Chewbacca.

After becoming famous online, CC and Chewbacca were quickly adopted together and found their perfect forever home. Their new family includes other furry siblings, two dogs and three pigs. The dogs’ new owners shared some photos of the pups’ first days at their house, and it’s evident they are having a great time. It’s heartening to know that CC and Chewie are in such a great new home together, and it’s a happy ending to their story.

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