Kind Pit Bull Stands Guard As Pregnant Stray Cat Gives Birth In His House

Movies and TV shows often depict dogs and cats as enemies. However, in real life, dogs and cats do not innately hate each other.

Dogs and cats can definitely be best friends, too and in times of need, they can have each other’s back. One proof of this is the heart-warming story of a stray Calico cat and a kind-hearted Pit Bull named Hades.

Hades lives in Mexico with his dad, Juan Jose Flores. Like Hades, his compassion towards animals is also apparent.

When he noticed a stray cat around their neighborhood, he started giving her food. Little did he expect that his dog Hades would befriend the little cat.

One day, he heard Hades making noises at the back door. He was so shocked when he saw what it was all about.

Inside Hades’ dog house was the stray Calico cat, sitting on soft blankets. The pregnant cat was about to give birth and Hades stood guard until the kittens came out.

Flores was so proud of Hades, who gave up his home and kept the stray cat safe until she gave birth.

After the heart-warming moment, Flores immediately brought the cat and her kittens inside his house so she could tend to them better. Hades continued to act like a “protective father” to the kittens and a kind-hearted friend to the stray cat.

The photos of Hades’ kind act went viral online and he now has a lot of admirers. His little act of compassion went a long way and after some time, the cat and her kittens found their forever home.

Hades may now be apart from the mother cat, who is now named Nicol, but they will definitely stay as friends. Nicol and her kittens are always welcome in Flores’ house where their incredible friendship started.

Kudos to Hades, a kind-hearted, protective dog who understands compassion and sacrifices! His owner, Juan Jose Flores, also deserves recognition for being a compassionate and responsible dog owner.

Image credit: Juan Jose Flores 


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