Kindhearted Street Sweeper Makes A Stray Dog’s Day

It does not cost a thing to make the world a better and happier place. Most of the time, all people need is to have a kind heart, or, in this case, a street sweeper’s broom.

In a recent viral video circulating on Twitter, one sweet street sweeper was caught on camera as he was taking a little break from his duties. However, he did not use the time to relieve himself from tiredness. Instead, he chose to make a furry friend’s day.

While doing his job, the street sweeper came across what looked like a stray dog. The pup was lounging peacefully on the path where he was cleaning. The street sweeper could have continued doing his job, but he decided to stop and do something extra.

With the use of his oversized broom, the street sweeper combed and showered the stray dog with lots of pets. Probably, it was the very first pet that the pup received in ages. And, with such a sweet gesture, the dog’s day was made.

After using the broom, the street sweeper also stroked the dog’s head with his hands. The man knew how much that meant to the pup and even waited a few seconds. It was as if the street sweeper was asking if the dog has had enough. Then, the stray wagged her tail and showed him her belly like she was asking for more.

The post and the footage do not clearly show when or where it was taken. However, that does not make that moment any less special, not only for the dog but also for the sweet street sweeper.

On the surface, it seemed like the man was making the pup’s day. But, as many dog owners know, after a long day at work, there is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of being with the company of a four-legged friend.

Credit: Diego Maldonado

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