Last Dog Saved from Euthanasia at High-Kill Shelter, but Still in Need of Forever Home

Billie Valentine is a paralyzed dog who is currently searching for a loving home. Recently, Walkin’ Pets, a company specializing in pet mobility, reported that Billie was the only adoptable dog left at a high-kill shelter located in Los Angeles.

Vanderpump Dogs rescued a paralyzed dog named Billie Valentine from a high-kill shelter on Valentine’s Day, just in time to save him from being euthanized. Lisa Vanderpump, founder of the rescue dog organization, gave him his name to commemorate the day of his rescue.

After being rescued by Vanderpump Dogs from a high-kill shelter, Billie Valentine, who was paralyzed, was taken to the vet by the rescue as he was unable to move independently upon his arrival at the organization. This information was shared on Vanderpump Dogs’ Instagram.

The nonprofit organization stated on social media that Billie Valentine is completely paralyzed from the waist down and lacks control over his bladder and bowels. The cause of the damage is unknown, but there was significant trauma to his back. However, he still has full movement in his front two legs.

Walkin’ Pets, upon hearing Billie Valentine’s story, provided him with one of their rear wheelchairs to help him regain mobility. The paralyzed dog adapted quickly to the new device and was able to take his first steps on his own.

A few days after Billie Valentine started using his wheelchair, Vanderpump Dogs wrote that he was very happy and did not want to stop playing. They also mentioned that he was able to be more independent now that he had the wheelchair.

Vanderpump Dogs is now seeking a permanent home for Billie, who is healthy, confident, and increasingly independent. They are searching for potential adopters who are willing to dedicate extra time and resources to care for a pet with special needs.

Billie Valentine is described as a loving, friendly, and playful dog who is now ready for adoption. Potential adopters are encouraged to be prepared for the extra care a special-needs pet requires. 

To learn more about Billie Valentine and how to adopt him, interested parties can visit Vanderpump Dogs’ website.

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