Little Girl Gets A Christmas Puppy And Her Adorable Confirmation Of Ownership Serves All The Holiday Cheer

With just a couple of weeks before Christmas, we couldn’t wait to see if our wishes would be in a Santa sock or a bigger box. Tradition says that if everyone behaved like good boys or girls, it’s likely to happen.

This little girl served all the holiday feels when she received her most special request. She wanted a puppy, and Santa didn’t disappoint; she got a spanking new Dalmatian, and she couldn’t be happier.

She basked under the glow of the Christmas tree lights, surrounded by her beloved family. There were tons of gifts around her, but all that mattered was her puppy.

She loved her present, and the young lady was so thankful that she shed grateful tears. For some reason, she wanted confirmation that the puppy was indeed hers.

Her dad asked her if she read the note, and he reminded her that because she got what she asked for, that meant that she’s in charge of the new puppy.

We think that’s not going to be a problem, given the instant connection between the young Dalmatian and the little lady.

The puppy knew that the young lady was his main master in the house, and the rest just came with the territory. Well, good for both of you, kiddies, and bless your innocent hearts.

The young lady’s sister called the fur pet, and he sniffed the tot in return, but he was back to his master’s arms in a jiff. They hugged and exchanged adorable kisses, and it couldn’t get better than that.

Something tells us that there will be tons of fun, laughter, and chaos in this house. This Dalmatian and the young lady will grow up with so much love and affection for each other.

Cheers to a beautiful Christmas and a lifetime of friendship around, kiddies. We hope you both continue making brand-new memories together.

Photo and video credits to J.W. via YouTube

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