Man Without a Home Throws Birthday Party for His Dogs, Goes Viral and Receives Life-Changing Support

José Luis Matos, who goes by the nickname Choco, is a homeless individual residing in Bucaramanga City, Colombia. Choco left his abusive household and now shares his life on the streets with his two cherished dogs, Shaggy and Nena. They have a regular spot where they sleep each night and can often be found wandering the city.

He had the responsibility of taking care of his two dogs, Shaggy and Nena, in addition to himself. He did not want to give up his pets to shelters, unlike some others, because his dogs provided him with a sense of purpose in his daily life.

Choco wanted to make his dogs’ birthdays special, and so he made an effort to celebrate the occasion. While spending time with his dogs on the stairs of a park, someone saw them and recorded the heartwarming moment. Although it may have seemed like an ordinary day to others, it was a special occasion for Choco and his beloved companions as he organized a small birthday party for Shaggy and Nena.

Choco made sure to prepare a complete celebration for his dogs’ birthday, although it was simple. He had a bag of goodies, which he took out one by one. He put party hats on their heads and even brought a small cake in a plastic bag. Additionally, he provided paper plates and a plastic knife so that they could eat the cake together.

Choco’s birthday celebration for his dogs was not just limited to party hats and a cake, he also had another surprise for his furry friends. He took out two candles and lit them up, one for each of his dogs. He then proceeded to sing the “Happy Birthday” song for them, gave them both a kiss, and even shared a slice of cake for them to eat together.

Choco was not aware that his act of kindness was being shared widely on the internet. He had no idea that a single video of him celebrating his dogs’ birthday would have such a significant impact on his life. Once the video started circulating, many people expressed a desire to assist Choco, Shaggy, and Nena.

Numerous individuals arrived with offerings for Choco, Shaggy, and Nena, ignorant that his kindness had gone viral. They donated pet food, pet supplies, and money, and one person even gifted him a phone. Although it was unexpected, Choco never declined the donations.

Choco received numerous donations from kind-hearted people who saw his video, including dog food, pet supplies, money, and even a phone. He accepted them all gratefully, and with the help of these donations, he was able to find a new home for himself and his dogs. He also started using the phone to keep his followers updated about Shaggy and Nena’s activities. Thanks to this video, Choco’s Instagram account now has over 150,000 followers.

Choco is currently finding happiness in the simple pleasures of life, which are often overlooked by most people. He expressed his joy in having a place to call home with his beloved dogs, acquiring an identification card, and even receiving dental treatment.

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