Mansfield Parks Department Poses for a Cause: Helping Dogs Find a Home

Mansfield animal shelter, along with many other shelters in North Texas, is running out of space, which is not surprising.

What is surprising is that the city of Mansfield is taking a unique approach to solve this problem.

Colby Tice, an employee of the Mansfield parks department, stated that the idea implemented was a creative way to convey the message that these dogs needed homes.

Parks department employee Steven Gill expressed, “This was a very unusual approach to promote adoptions.” 

The shelter’s solution was a creative one – a photoshoot. 

Mansfield city officials called upon park workers to participate in the photo session with the dogs, with the pictures taken at Oliver Nature Park’s bluebonnet field.

Thousands of people have seen the photos on social media.

However, some people were more focused on the park workers than the dogs, according to Gill.

Five years ago, Mansfield also held a fun photoshoot with the parks department employees, highlighting their work. At the time, some were unsure about participating.

Ann Beck, the marketing and communications manager for the parks department, mentioned that this time the park workers were very enthusiastic and prepared for the photoshoot with the dogs. She added that they had poses in mind and were ready to participate.

The dogs and workers appeared to have enjoyed the photoshoot amidst the bluebonnets.

Although the photoshoot may seem lighthearted, it was intended to serve a purpose.

Nicolette Ricciuti, who is the director of regulatory compliance and animal care and control, said that “It becomes simpler to picture the dogs as your potential pets when you don’t just see them behind the doors of their kennels.”

Nicolette Ricciuti’s observation proved to be correct as almost every dog in the photos has been adopted in less than a week.

The city officials expressed their gratitude, while the park workers are hopeful that they can continue to be models and advocates for dogs in need of a home.

Tice said, “Our goal is not only to get the dogs in the photos adopted but also to bring attention to the whole shelter and help all dogs find homes.”

Although they only did one photoshoot, the park workers understand the broader impact they can have in raising awareness and promoting adoption.

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