Meet the man who dedicates his life to adopting senior dogs without forever homes

Steve Greig, an accountant, resides in Colorado along with a total of 19 pets. Out of these pets, 10 are dogs and most of them are senior dogs. He also takes care of two cats, a pig named Bikini, two ducks, two pigeons, two chickens, and a rabbit.

The man in question, Steve Greig, has a strong affection for his pets and has dedicated much of his time to taking care of senior dogs who often struggle to find permanent homes due to their advanced age.

Corey grew up in an environment where animals were always present and his parents, who were also animal lovers, supported him in his passion for pets as long as he could take care of them.

When Steve first moved into his own home, he usually had three or four dogs with him, but his passion for helping animals grew significantly after one of them passed away.

Corey expressed his fear and sadness about the passing of someone or something, saying that even after a few months had passed, the feeling persisted. He felt that the only way to find solace was for something positive to come out of the situation, something that wouldn’t have occurred if the loss hadn’t happened.

A man who lost his close friend decided to adopt a dog from a nearby shelter to give it a good life. He chose the puppy that had the lowest chance of being adopted.

Corey adopted Eeyore, a 12-year-old Chihuahua with a heart murmur and leg problems, from a shelter, and he considers it to be the start of his journey in caring for animals.

Steve Greig currently takes care of ten dogs, but only eight of them are his own, while the other two belong to his sister and a roommate.

Corey wakes up at five a.m. every day to cook breakfast for the ten dogs in his care, most of whom require different diets.


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