Milwaukee’s Third Ward welcomes Salty Paws, an exclusive ice cream and bakery shop for dogs

In Milwaukee, there is a new ice cream shop and bakery specifically designed for dogs.

According to Linda Smith, the owner of the shop called Salty Paws, some people may initially visit the store because they think it’s absurd but leave with a huge smile on their face.

It exclusively sells baked goods and ice cream for dogs, and nothing in the store is intended for human consumption. The shop opened its doors in March this year.

Linda Smith, the owner of Salty Paws, stated that it has been enjoyable meeting dogs and their owners since the shop’s opening in March. She has learned that she is not the only person who dedicates a day of the week to spend with their dogs.

Salty Paws, a shop selling ice cream and baked goods exclusively for dogs, was opened by Linda Smith in March in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. It is the first of its kind in Wisconsin, as other stores selling dog treats and toys do not offer similar products. 

Salty Paws offers a variety of about twelve different ice cream flavors, along with cookies, cakes, and donuts for dogs. The doggy pastries are designed to resemble human food, and although Smith has thought of trying one, they are not intended for human consumption.

Smith has thought about trying one of the doggy pastries before, but she hasn’t done it. She is a devoted dog lover, and the idea of opening a dog-friendly ice cream and bakery shop came to her after seeing Salty Paws on her social media feed.

She got a new puppy in 2021 and started taking her to dog-friendly events and establishments, which made her happy. She wanted to do more of it, and then she discovered Salty Paws, which she thought was a perfect place to hang out with her dog. Before opening the dog ice cream and bakery shop, 

Smith worked in the tech industry for a decade and had been working remotely for three years, which left her feeling somewhat disconnected and in need of a change.

Salty Paws sells dog bones, toys, and even non-alcoholic dog beers. The store does offer a few items for cats, but the focus is on dogs. Many people buy the dog beers to celebrate their dogs’ birthdays because it’s like they’re turning 21 in human years. 

The store has become popular in just one month and already has regular customers who come to celebrate their dog’s special occasions. Linda Smith believes that making dogs happy makes their owners happy as well.

The aim of Salty Paws is not only to be a store that sells ice cream and bakery items for dogs but also to be a relaxing place where both pets and their owners can spend some quality time together.


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