More than 40 animals rescued from truck in New Jersey, find hope with loving rescuers

A large number of dogs were found in an overloaded pickup truck that was stranded in New Jersey. Thankfully, shelter workers came to their rescue and saved the dogs, who were in a dire situation due to the overcrowding in the vehicle. The dogs are now safe and sound, and are being cared for by the workers who rescued them.

The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, a rescue center, reported on Facebook that more than 40 live animals were discovered in the cabin and truck bed of a vehicle parked in Sussex County, New Jersey. The truck also contained many dead dogs.

A woman from Virginia was charged with animal cruelty after over 40 animals, both dead and alive, were discovered in the bed and cabin of her truck parked in New Jersey’s Sussex County, as reported by the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge. 

The animals had been living in the vehicle for about a week after being loaded into the truck by the woman following a house fire in Virginia.

According to the executive director of the refuge, the animals were in urgent need of help, and their trauma and neglect were far-reaching, not just confined to the week spent in the pickup truck.

The animal refuge reported that the dogs discovered were dirty, and covered in urine, feces and fleas. According to the refuge’s executive director, Megan Brinster, all the dogs found were mixed-breeds and probably from an uncontrolled breeding situation.

Brinster explained that such breeding situations typically start with a small number of dogs and then quickly grow to become out of control over a period of a few years.

A pick-up truck with over 40 animals crammed inside was discovered in a parking lot in New Jersey. There were 38 dogs and 8 cats found alive, and unfortunately, several dogs were found dead. 

Seven animal rescue organizations collaborated to temporarily house the animals. All the dogs, both living and dead, had similar physical attributes and were likely a product of uncontrolled breeding. 

The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge took in some of the dogs and is now in the process of finding them permanent homes. The refuge has shared photos of three of the pups, named Michael, Sherwin, and William, on their Facebook page.

According to Brinster, the dogs rescued from the truck were frightened and disoriented, possibly because they had limited interactions with humans in their lives. Nonetheless, a few of the more courageous dogs began to show affection towards the rescuers. 

Brinster recounted how one of the bravest dogs accepted food from the rescue workers immediately and even allowed them to pet him the next day. The rescue team plans to place each dog in a household that already has a dog so that they don’t feel isolated or alone. 

Despite the dogs’ harrowing ordeal, Brinster is confident that each one will be loved and cared for in their new homes.


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