New canine residents in Buckingham Palace: A closer look at the dogs

In 2016, Camilla adopted two Jack Russells named Beth and Bluebell from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The duo had previously been unwanted by others but now enjoy a life of luxury, which is a significant change in their fortune – a classic rags to riches tale.

Beth and Bluebell, the two Jack Russells adopted by Camilla in 2016, now have Buckingham Palace as their domain. However, it is hoped that the dogs have not marked their territory in the way that dogs typically do. As members of the royal family, they must maintain their best behavior.

Dogs strolling around inside Buckingham Palace are not a rare sight, and the late Queen Elizabeth II was renowned for her fondness for Corgis, having owned approximately 30 of them over the course of her life. 

Additionally, she owned several Dorgis, which are a blend of Corgi and Dachshund breeds, and are considered an adorable example of crossbreeding.

The Queen of England, who was an avid dog lover and had owned around 30 Corgis and several Dorgis, stopped breeding dogs a few years ago as she didn’t want to leave any behind. The tradition of dogs in the royal palace continues even with the new human residents who seem to share the Queen’s affection for canines.

In 2020, Beth and Bluebell were featured in the 15th wedding anniversary portrait of King Charles and Camilla. Camilla, who will be the Queen Consort, expressed her love for dogs in the ITV documentary “Camilla’s Country Life.” 

She said that dogs are great companions, and they can sit with you for a long time, listen to you, and bring joy and happiness regardless of your mood. It’s clear that Camilla is also a passionate dog lover.


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