Police Break Open A Car Window To Save The Poor Dog Locked Inside From Dying From The Heat

It is extremely dangerous to leave a dog inside a locked car because the car can heat up to life-threatening temperatures surprisingly quickly, even on a cloudy day. Doing something like this is just extremely irresponsible. Unfortunately, there are still people who don’t understand this simple rule.

Brown and Black Dog on Yellow Car

Sarasota police officers recently responded to a call about a dog trapped inside a locked car. They responded quickly because they understood the gravity of this situation. Dogs are sensitive to heat and they can suffer from heatstroke if the temperature inside the car reaches 105 degrees. If the temperature outside was 75 degrees, then the temperature inside a car can reach 120 degrees in just 30 minutes.

The dog trapped inside the car that day was in a life-threatening situation. The dog was at risk of becoming seriously ill if the police didn’t rescue it in time.

Police officers rescue the dog

The police officers had a bodycam that recorded how they rescued the poor animal. They saw that the dog struggled to find a cool spot inside the car. The officers knew that they needed to break the window of the car, so they had to make sure that the dog wasn’t harmed when they did it. One of the officers distracted the dog while another broke the window of the car.

A police officer then reached in and unlocked the car door. The police measured the car’s temperature. It was already at 115 degrees. The poor dog was in severe danger and had a very high risk of heatstroke.

The dog was lucky that a good Samaritan noticed that it was stuck inside the parked car.

The aftermath

Animal Services issued two citations to the owner of the dog. The owner claimed that he left the car running but this was clearly not the case. The dog received care and attention after the rescue and it is now healthy and safe.

We hope that the negligent owner learned from this terrible incident. The Sarasota police department did a great job of rescuing this poor dog. They definitely saved its life and prevented a tragedy.

Credit: @SarasotaPoliceDepartment





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