Police Officer Rescues Drowning Puppy and Decides to Adopt Him

As they were finishing up a call, officers from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in Florida heard whimpering sounds that caught their attention. Upon investigating the source of the sounds, they found a distressed puppy on the brink of drowning in a septic drain.

One of the officers believed that it was fate for him to adopt the adorable furry animal as it was a stray they had rescued from drowning in a septic drain.

Most people might have ignored the little noises, but these compassionate police officers followed the sound and rescued the puppy.

James Gettings, one of the kind-hearted police officers who discovered a tiny puppy struggling to keep afloat in a septic drain.

The puppy was in a state of exhaustion and fear when the officers arrived to help. They cleaned him up repeatedly until he smelled like a dog again. After that, they started searching for the puppy’s family.

After bringing the puppy to safety, Officer Gettings decided to take him home and gave him the name Puddle. Despite the efforts to locate Puddle’s original owners, they were unable to find them. Now, Puddle is thriving and enjoying his life to the fullest.


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