Police Officers Break Window To Save Dog Locked Inside A Vehicle

Despite the dangers of leaving dogs inside cars, some dog owners still do this horrible thing. Regardless of the weather, studies found out that locked vehicles can heat up to extreme temperatures quickly.

Side view of adult big dog looking away while sitting in automobile and waiting for owner in daytime

The Sarasota Police Department (SPD) received a call regarding a dog left in a parked car. When the police officers from SPD learned about the situation, they know what is at stake. The police officers already handled similar rescue operations in the past. Thus, they know how dangerous the ordeal was for the dog.

When the police officers arrived at the scene, they ensured that they have body cameras. This is a standard operating procedure for all rescue operations that they do. One officer then peered into the car window and saw that the dog looks a little angry.

But since it was an unfortunate situation, the police officers understand why the dog seemed anxious. With their experience of handling similar incidents, the police officers already knew what to do.

Sergeant Louis Buck was one of the police officers who went to the site. In an interview, he recalled the poor condition of the dog inside the car. According to the police officer, the dog looked restless, so he tried to distract him so he would stop moving.

While Sergeant Louis was distracting the dog, his colleague began breaking the back window. After breaking the window, another officer reached in and unlocked the door. At that time, the temperature inside the car is 115 degrees, which is fatal for a dog.

The rescue operation went as planned, and the police officers successfully saved the poor dog. Later on, they brought the dog to a nearby veterinary clinic so he could be cleared of any injuries.

Meanwhile, the car’s owner received two citations from Animal Services, but he tried to argue his case. However, all his excuses were deemed insufficient by Animal Services.

Credits to FOX 13 Tampa Bay.


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