Puppy school expels 6-foot Newfoundland for sitting on smaller dogs

Franklyn, a massive six-foot Newfoundland, is a dog who doesn’t care about his size. Despite weighing nine stone, he sees himself as a “lapdog” and is quite clumsy.

Franklyn adores showering his owners with affection and attention, frequently squishing them for cuddles. He was even expelled from puppy school for sitting on smaller canines.

Shauna Connors, the owner of Franklyn, used to prevent her pets from jumping on the sofa, but she doesn’t do that with Franklyn anymore because of his massive size.

A video that went viral on social media shows Franklyn crawling over Shauna’s husband Travis as he lay down on the sofa, using his huge paws to stand on Travis’ stomach.

Shauna is concerned that her sofa will not be able to bear the weight of her giant dog once he reaches his full size and weight of up to 14 stone in the coming year.

Shauna Connors, who is from Nova Scotia, Canada, mentioned that her giant dog, Franklyn, is unaware of his actual size and considers himself a small lap dog.

Franklyn’s owner finds it difficult to refuse when her massive dog wants to cuddle, as there is ample space for him to climb up on the sofa. She is concerned that her sofa may not withstand the weight of her dog when he is fully grown and weighs up to 14st. 

While she had not allowed her previous dogs to climb onto the furniture, she had found it hard to stop Franklyn due to his stubborn and determined nature.

Franklyn was expelled from puppy class because of his size, and would sit on the smaller dogs during playtime. He’s also described as being clumsy.

She  mentioned that although people think Franklyn is adorable and cuddly, they are not aware of the amount of work required to take care of him. She also stated that they take each day as it comes and knew what they were signing up for when they decided to adopt him. 

Despite puppy-proofing their house, they sometimes forget about Franklyn’s size and how he can do whatever he wants.

Franklyn, the massive Newfoundland, is notorious for his destructive behavior, which includes breaking glasses, moving furniture, and even shaking the dining table during meals in search of scraps or toys. 

Shauna described how he casually pushes aside objects, regardless of their weight, to reach food or toys that are hidden behind them.

Shauna said that even when taking Franklyn for a walk in the neighborhood, he wants to play with small dogs but his size makes it difficult as he might accidentally hurt them. 

She added that he doesn’t mean to be destructive, but due to his large size and fluffy tail, things tend to go flying off the coffee table when he moves around.

Shauna mentioned that their reflexes have become better over time as they have to catch glasses and other objects due to Franklyn’s tendency to knock them over. Despite his size, Franklyn tries to fit under the dining table to search for scraps, causing the table to shake and everyone to hold onto their plates.

She shared that when her kids come home, their Newfoundland dog Franklyn runs towards them and sometimes knocks them over. He usually prefers to lie on the floor, but if he wants to cuddle with someone on the sofa, he will cuddle and no one can stop him. 

The family chose the Newfoundland breed because they believed he would fit in well with their tall family. 

Shauna described Franklyn as the perfect combination of strength and cuteness. Some online viewers also found the dog endearing, with one saying that watching the video stopped them from crying. 

Another viewer humorously commented that it looked like a grizzly bear was living in their living room.

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