Remembering Bród: Why Ireland’s grief is a reminder to appreciate our furry companions

Other people are able to empathize with President Michael D Higgins because they understand how it feels to lose a dog like his, Bród, and are feeling the loss as well.

Fiona Stafford-Byrne, the chairperson of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club in Ireland, has stated that Bród, one of the two Bernese Mountain Dogs residing at Áras an Uachtaráin, has died at the age of 11.

The official residence of the President of Ireland, Áras an Uachtaráin, has announced that Bród, one of the two Bernese Mountain Dogs who lived there, has passed away at the age of 11. The announcement described Bród as a much-loved and affectionate dog who had enjoyed meeting thousands of visitors to the Áras over the years.

A statement mentioned that Bród was likely one of the most photographed dogs in Ireland.

The statement further mentioned that Bród’s passing is a great loss to the President, Sabina, and everyone at Áras an Uachtaráin, especially Misneach, the President’s other dog, who had been sharing space with Bród and was always attentive to him during his final days.

Fiona Stafford-Byrne, said that Bród, the late dog of President Higgins, was a great reflection of the president. According to her, Bernese dogs are known to take a part of their owners with them when they pass away.

Ms. Stafford-Byrne stated that Bród was a great reflection of President Higgins and his utter love for the dog was evident. 

She further explained that Bernese Mountain Dogs take a little piece of their owners with them when they pass away due to the immense love and connection they share. 

According to Ms. Stafford-Byrne, the outstanding temperament of these dogs and the love they have for their owners is reciprocated. 

Owners of these dogs feel proud of them and want them to be a part of every aspect of their lives, bringing them everywhere they go. 

Ms. Stafford-Byrne pointed out that President Higgins’ love for his Bernese Mountain Dogs was evident in every photo and video of him with them, including during visits with dignitaries such as President Biden and royal visitors. 

She believes that these moments showcase President Higgins in a great light, highlighting his love and affection for his dogs.

Ms. Stafford-Byrne said that she and other dog owners would really understand the loss that the President would be feeling.

According to Ms. Stafford-Byrne, she has spoken with many other dog owners about the loss of Bród, and they all understand the pain that comes with losing a beloved pet.

She wants to convey to the President that they understand how he feels, as they have also lost Bernese Mountain Dogs and know how difficult it can be.

She noted that interest in Bernese Mountain Dogs has increased significantly in Ireland in recent years.

She also mentioned that she gave her own dogs an extra hug over the weekend when she heard the news about Bród’s passing, and believes that people should appreciate their dogs more.

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