Renowned Dog Groomer Volunteers to Give Shelter Dogs a New, Colorful Look

The San Diego Humane Society is expressing gratitude to a well-known dog groomer for his innovative and sometimes debatable work. In the Zevely Zone, they feature a social media celebrity who uses a variety of colors and figures to give dogs an unconventional appearance. 

Gabriel Feitosa’s work garnered widespread attention two years ago, with Gabriel noting that his work had received over five billion views in the past year. Although his poodle Edea appears to be a lion, it is the social media critics who are getting defensive.

Although some people love his work, others hate it and accuse him of animal abuse. To prove that his dyes are non-toxic and vegan, Gabriel has eaten them. He has been grooming dogs his whole life and claims that he would never jeopardize a dog’s well-being for a certain look.

Gabriel Feitosa is a 31-year-old dog groomer who grew up in Brazil under poor conditions. He attributes his hope and success to his love for dogs. He began grooming dogs when he was 12 years old, and now he is a creative dog groomer who provides free services to help dogs in shelters who have not been adopted.

Nina Thompson, a representative from the San Diego Humane Society, expresses her admiration for Feitosa. She praises him for volunteering his skills and time to the shelter dogs who have difficulty finding homes. She also appreciates Gabriel’s willingness to help the society in any way he can.

Gabriel Feitosa usually charges hundreds or thousands of dollars for his dog makeovers, but he donates his services for free to shelter dogs that have been passed over for adoption. Some people are against the idea of painting dogs, and they think the process is too long and uncomfortable for the dogs. 

However, the San Diego Humane Society ensures that everything is done safely and the dogs are comfortable during the makeover process. Gabriel’s makeovers add about forty minutes to the grooming process, and he encourages people to adopt dogs from the San Diego Humane Society.

Gabriel hopes that people will consider giving a second chance to the pets that have been overlooked, just as dogs gave him hope when he was a child living in poverty in Brazil. Gabriel feels that helping these dogs makes him feel good and gives him a sense of purpose.


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