Rescue Dog Has A Heartwarming Reunion With Foster Mom Who Showed Her Love And Never Gave Up On Her

Many rescue dogs didn’t have a good life before they were rescued and adopted into loving forever homes. Some have spent their entire lives as strays, while others had horrible owners who abused or neglected them. Many of these dogs develop a fear of humans and become untrusting towards people because of previous experiences.

Thankfully, there are fosters who work hard to help these dogs realize that they can trust humans and that there’s a better life than what they had before. Fosters need to be very patient with the dogs in their care since they will be dealing with a dog that has never experienced love before. In some cases, many of these dogs associate humans with pain and violence.

A rescue dog named Stevie was adopted by a woman named Melanie Camp. Although Melanie is so thankful to become Stevie’s new mom, she’s more thankful for the fact that Stevie was fostered by a woman named Gretchen. If it wasn’t for Gretchen, Stevie would have stayed at the shelter, which is a high-stress environment.

Stevie would have become more aggressive and terrified if she had stayed at the shelter. Fostering Stevie wasn’t easy. She was terrified of Gretchen and even tried to bite her once when Gretchen tried to pet her. However, instead of giving up on Stevie, Gretchen was even more determined to help Stevie learn to trust humans again.

Eventually, Stevie was adopted by Melanie Camp. Melanie spoiled Stevie by showering her with lots of love and cuddles. Stevie improved even further and eventually got over her fear of humans. Melanie knew that Stevie would have never made it if it wasn’t for Gretchen.

So, after almost a year, Melanie decided to set up a reunion for Stevie and Gretchen. Although Stevie didn’t recognize Gretchen at first, Stevie gave her another sniff and she realized who Gretchen was. Gretchen is so thankful that Stevie was adopted by an amazing person who gives Stevie plenty of love and affection every single day. Here’s a heartwarming video showing two people who helped changed a dog’s life.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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