Rescue Puppy Feared Affection Until She Got A Belly Rub

Trusting people is hard, especially if one was treated wrongly in the past. While this is especially true for human beings, it is a lot harder for abused dogs. Similar to the case of a sweet puppy named Mina whose upbringing had not been so memorable.

The dog spent a year of her life behind the kennel walls of a public pound in Romania. She endured a severe case of malnourishment, anemia, and terrible mange. She lived her life in an overcrowded shelter without anyone caring for her, and that was a nightmare for her. Because of that, she grew uncomfortable with people thinking they would all hurt her.

Founders Diana Badescu and Catalin Stancu of Howl Of A Dog, a nonprofit animal rescue organization, were heaven-sent for Mina. They heard about her situation, so they went to her immediately.

When the dog first saw them, she was shaking in fear that it even reached a point she cried out loud when the rescuers tried to go near her. She just did not want anyone to touch her. The volunteers did not include giving up as one of their options. They knew they had to take the dog with them even if she displayed anxiety.

They nursed her at the shelter, and thankfully, her physical health had greatly improved. The only thing they had to be patient of was her unwillingness to get touched by anyone. It was hard for them to see her tremble every time somebody tried to caress her.

After being with her for a week, they got surprised upon discovering her softest spot, her little belly. They never expected that rubbing her tummy was the answer to the dog’s fear of affection. They continued doing that until she learned how to be trusting of people again.

Mina stayed at the shelter for several months, and there, they discovered that she was friendly with other dogs. Since she was a sweet little puppy, it did not take long for her to find a family from Germany who looked forward to spoiling her with time, love, and affection. As a bonus, she inherited an older fur-sister, too, namely Alma. They got along well, so Mina could not be any happier.

Video credit: Howl Of A Dog via Youtube


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