Rescued by a Rescue Dog: Owner Recovers from Coma With the Help of His Rescue Pup

Image via Inside Edition

We hear many stories about rescue dogs getting a new life with their new adoptive parents. This story is a little different. It is about a rescue pup who helped give a new life to his adoptive dad, who was in a coma due to a serious lung inflammation.

Teddy is the adorable rescue dog who performed this miracle. Teddy’s adoptive dad, Andy Szasz said that the lovely little pup stole his heart when they first met. They had been through quite an adventure together, with Teddy getting a forever home as a rescue pup, and Andy going though treatments for cancer. 

When this incident occurred, Andy had won a fierce battle with bowel cancer, and had to be admitted to the hospital again due to a severe case of pneumonia. The medical staff had to put him in a medically induced coma due to the severity of his illness. Andy’s wife, Estelle, brought Teddy to the hospital since he was missing Andy, and also because she thought Teddy could perhaps help ease the recovery process for Andy.

Image via Inside Edition

Teddy’s joyful and mischievous presence did a whole lot more than Estelle and the medical staff anticipated. With his help, Andy was able to come out of the coma three days earlier than initially planned. After the miraculous rescue of his human, Teddy was honored with a special Animal Award by Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (RSPCA)—the largest animal welfare charity in the UK. 

Story from Inside Edition

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